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IV Fitness

Our workouts are designed to correct and prevent muscle imbalances, promote weight loss, muscular strength, and improve cardiovascular efficiency.  With a blend of cardio, agility drills, plyometrics, strength, functional, and balance training while incorporating modalities like suspension training (TRX), you will experience fitness in a fun and challenging way!


Personal Training is one of the best and most effective ways to reach your fitness objectives.  Train One-on-One with Idalis, Semi-Private Training, or sign up for our PowerUp 60!


PowerUp 60 Is a 60-minute outdoor strength and conditioning class designed to enhance performance while sculpting bodies for all fitness levels.  Sign up for PowerUp 60 unlimited just $80 /month!


Personalized Online Fitness Training is a proven successful way to get fit.  I get to coach you, train you and help you loose weight and get fit! I will be your own personal coach no matter where you live!

Idalis’s versatility is her best quality. She’s able to work in groups of both men and woman, challenging everyone to their personal potential so that they can maximize their workout, meanwhile making each individual feel focused upon and comfortable. She’s intense and fair. Your muscles will remember her for the days to come. I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy so I’ve seen a lot of personal trainers and unequivocally, Idalis is the best!

Nkume Sobe Jr

Idalis: your training, disposition and advices have make a great impact on my body. It’s only been a couple of month and the results I have achieve are unbelivable. You always make sure you are taking my body out of routines with new excersises and keeping it fun. I am truly happy that you are my trainer, thank you for your time and dedication. I highly recommend her.

- Gloria

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