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by Idalis Velazquez
updated September 25, 2016
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How to Maximize Your Workouts

Start smarter

To help you get the most out of your workout and help your body perform at its best while decreasing the risk of unnecessary injuries, make sure you begin your session with a dynamic warm-up. By doing so your mind will be focused for the workout ahead while you activate the right muscles to help you reap the most benefits! Pick exercises that will mimic what you are about to do (think squats, lunges, leg swings) before you start your strength training session. Also incorporate core activation and abs sculpting moves like Bird-Dogs and planks to maximize your time and keep your abs engaged throughout the workout, as they will help you reap the most benefits.

Prioritize resistance training

While cardio burns more calories than strength training during the duration of the actual workout, lifting weights and using Ketlebells burns more overall since it in-creases the after burn effect. Specifically, that effect burns extra calories because muscle, unlike fat, is metabolically active. Strength training has more calorie - burning potential since it will boost your metabolism and your body will continue to burn calories at a faster rate long after your workout is done. It will also keep you energized, makes you stronger and will help you achieve a leaner look.

Make every exercise you can involve a core move

By performing Front Squats, Goblet Squats instead of regular Squats, or hold the weight on only one side of your body you will challenge your core stability and train your midsection in a smart and effective way. You will also keep your upper body engaged while targeting your legs and gluts.

Rest less and maximize every second

Instead of waiting doing nothing in between sets, maximize your time and results by doing an active rest in between exercises with less challenging exercises that will still strengthen and tone your body. By holding plank or side plank positions during your rest periods, performing isolation exercises like bicep curls or butt lifting moves like donkey kicks, it will help you get the most out of your sweat session.

Fix your form

The best way to assure you are getting the most out of your workouts is to master the movement patterns. While it can take time, it is important for you to perform the exercises with proper form in order to reap the benefits and see lasting results. Ask an instructor or coach to supervise and teach you how to do the exercises with correct form. This will also help you prevent injuries.

Don’t skip the cool-down

Recovery and regeneration are keys to getting the most out of your workouts. After your workout, it’s best to spend five to 10 minutes cooling down, stretching and foam rolling. This helps prevent muscle cramps and tightness while gradually slowing your breathing and heart rate and lengthens muscles throughout your body to aid the recovery process and improve your range of motion. You want to make sure your body is ready to hit it the next day.

Set a performance related goals and challenge yourself!

Set specific performance goals. These can be doing a specific amount of squats, push ups, running a specific distance. It can also be aiming to beat your previous workout by doing more repetitions during the duration of the set or using a heavier set of weights. These positive goals will make you feel empowered, stronger and good about yourself , while make your workout time more productive and in the maximize results.

Train smarter not harder

It’s not about working out longer or harder it’s about training smart. When you train smart you’ll get results in less time, have much more motivation and your life will not revolve around the gym and dieting. You will also have more energy.

Idalis Velazquez
Idalis is a wife, proud mom of three girls and an internationally recognized and trusted fitness & lifestyle expert. She is a Beachbody Super Trainer, a bilingual Fitness Influencer and Fitness and Wellness content creator for publications like Women’s Health Magazine, Men’s Health, GQ Magazine and others. She is also a Nordictrack and an iFit International trainer.

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