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by Idalis Velazquez
updated September 25, 2016
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Four Ways To Change Your Fitness Mindset

Four Ways To Change Your Fitness Mindset

Having a positive mindset is essential on achieving your goals and can also help you enjoy the process more and stay in track and look the bright side during the difficult moments. These are some of the tips that have helped me and many to reach my fitness and nutrition goals in a positive way.


1. Practice adding instead of creating Restrictions
Add in rather than take away. Changing any habit is hard, but when you place the focus on just adding to what you already do instead of creating restrictions you’ll find yourself sticking to your fitness and wellness goals. When you focus on adding good healthy habits to your lifestyle to become healthier you will realize how the not so healthy habits will disappear slowly and steadily. Plus you won’t shock your body in the process or feel deprived. Whether it’s adding more exercise, eating more super foods, getting more rest, making better food choices, or taking supplements this shift in perspective can make a huge difference in your fitness & wellness journey and can help you achieve lasting results.


2. Let go of what others think
Run your “race” and focus on your individual journey and goals. Let goof what others think. They’ll likely admire you or wish they had the courage to go after their goals.


 3. Focus On What You Can Do
Starting a new fitness program can be challenging and even scary. You might feel like you are not “good”at it and even struggle at first. But the goal is to do your best and focus on what you can do! The goal is to do a little more with each passing workout. Take it                         one day and one workout at a time. The more you practice and do it, the stronger and better you’ll get.


4.Be Kind and Patient With Yourself
Don’t go after perfection. Whenever you feel like you“screw up”or made a mistake, don’t beat yourself up. Instead reset and aim to do best during your next meal and workout.Never loose sight of how far you’ve come and all that you’ve accomplish in the process. Remember you are caring and loving yourself through healthy and sustainable habits that will help you live a better life.



Idalis Velazquez
Idalis is a wife, proud mom of three girls and an internationally recognized and trusted fitness & lifestyle expert. She is a Beachbody Super Trainer, a bilingual Fitness Influencer and Fitness and Wellness content creator for publications like Women’s Health Magazine, Men’s Health, GQ Magazine and others. She is also a Nordictrack and an iFit International trainer.

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