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by Idalis Velazquez
updated February 9, 2019

6 weeks Postpartum

Whenever you feel like being critical of your body. Pick up your sweet baby and look in the mirror. It’s hard to be harsh on yourself when holding your precious baby and remembering it’s all worth it.

I remember picking myself apart after having my first daughter. I was 183 at the end of that pregnancy and I’m 5’4. I never thought I could get in shape again. I felt insecure and not happy about my new body each moment.

Little did I know that although my body had new marks, I got stronger than before and felt my best ever. That process helped me relate with other women who weren’t athletes.

I’m currently 6 weeks postpartum and love that each time I keep on learning new things about myself, my body and as a trainer to help other women. This is my third postpartum and the only one I’ve been kind and supportive to my body and self.

It feels so much easier to embrace the process and to look in the mirror and choose to love and accept who I am, regardless my shape or weight. And yes sometimes I still get those negative thoughts. But now I challenge them, I don’t give power to them. Cause I know that’s not my truth, and I am more than my body. I don’t let myself forget that my body is also incredible, strong and resilient.

So to you beautiful new mom: You are strong, resilient, beautiful and so powerful. Say it aloud next time you look in the mirror or feel negative about your body. Never forget it!

Take it easy and focus on what matters. Enjoy your precious little one cause these moments go by in a blink of an eye.

Postpartum has many challenges , but you can choose to make it a better one by supporting yourself.

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Idalis Velazquez
Idalis is a wife, proud mom of three girls and an internationally recognized and trusted fitness & lifestyle expert. She is a Beachbody Super Trainer, a bilingual Fitness Influencer and Fitness and Wellness content creator for publications like Women’s Health Magazine, Men’s Health, GQ Magazine and others. She is also a Nordictrack and an iFit International trainer.

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