8 Ways To Master The Pushup!


Welcome to the Back to Basics Series! This week is all about the Pushup and learning efficient ways to improve your upper body and core strength to help you master this fundamental exercise and maximize your workouts!

The pushup is an incredibly effective and results-driven exercise. Contrary to what most  of you believe, this is not just a chest and arm exercise. In order to perform the pushup with proper form, we need to engage our entire body, engaging our core, glutes, legs and upper body. Pushups are a progression to the Plank exercise and they require core strength.

The pushup is an effective exercise to strengthen and tone your arms, shoulders, and abs! It is also very empowering for most women, since it can be challenging for most but once you master the pushup you’ll feel strong and even more confident during your workouts! When performed incorrectly it often leads to shoulder pain (even injuries), back and neck pain. It is important to focus on the quality of our movements and not the quantity. It’s best to perform 2 or 3 proper pushups than 10 bad ones.

There are many pushup variations that you can add into your regimen, plus you can perform these anywhere! This is one of the reasons why mastering the Pushup is a must.

Get ready to apply the most effective ways to master them.  During this tutorial video https://youtu.be/g5MU9at1s8M you’ll learn how to perform proper pushups, tips to increase your upper body and core strength and the most effective regressions of the Pushup. Apply these training tips and variations and you’ll notice how your workouts become more productive and effective. Once you master these, you can move onto harder progressions like Single Leg Pushups, SpiderGirl Pushups, Decline Pushups and more!

Tips to perform a proper Pushup:

  1. Hands directly under your shoulders
  2. Activate your  core and  glutes to keep your hips from sagging
  3. Draw your shoulders back
  4. Contract your quads
  5. Head is neutral and in line with the spine
  6. Keep your elbows and hands   close to your torso (ideally 10-20 degree angle)
  7. Pull your chest to the floor
  8. Inhale down, exhale up
  9. Lift your body as one solid unit

It takes time, consistency and tons of practice to master an exercise.  But you’ll notice how each week you’ll get stronger and improve your Pushups.  Remember that our fitness journey is not about perfection but about aiming to  improve with each passing week  as you get stronger and  improve your fitness performance,  enjoying the various results that come in the process!

Here are the variations I will be discussing in my YouTube channel to help you master  this basic movement:

  1. Plank Hold
  2. Bottom Pushup Position Hold
  3. Negative Pushups with Knee Drops
  4. Knee Pushups
  5. Singles
  6. Wide Stance Pushups
  7. Incline Pushups
  8. Band Assisted Pushups
  9. Mini Band Pushups

Watch the video here! https://youtu.be/g5MU9at1s8M

Happy sweating!






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