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Fitness Mistakes that Can Sabbotage Your Progress

Thinking light weights are better than heavy weights

Lifting heavy weights is better for total body transformation and to improve your strength and overall health. They recruit fast-twitch fibers – these tap into fat stores in your body for energy and also burn more fat after your workout. Using heavier weights also releases more muscle growth and fat-burning hormones than lifting light weights. The more muscle mass you have, the faster your metabolism and you’ll burn more calories and fat even when you’re not working out.

Doing countless crunches to eliminate belly fat

Your abs are muscles that will get stronger as you exercise.But doing hundreds of crunches is not an effective way to get rid of belly fat.  Instead, incorporate plank variations and compound exercises like Goblet Squats, dead-lifts, push-ups and fat burning moves like Burpees and plyometric exercises to your Full-Body workouts. These exercises strengthen the core and will help burn overall body fat.Keep in mind you will only get noticeable abs by getting rid of the fat layer on top of them through a healthy diet and smart training.  (You’ll get all of these moves and more core strengthening and fat burning workouts in All In 18 DVD! )

Prioritizing cardio thinking it’s key to lose weight and get lean

If you focus only on cardio and your diet is on point you are likely to lose weight but also lose muscle. By doing that you are not contributing to preserving your muscle mass, which is responsible for accelerating your metabolism and burning fat. When you lose lean body mass it stalls your metabolism and your body will become less efficient at burning fat and losing weight and will get weaker. You might also end up gaining more weight.  In order to attain a tone and lean body the goal should be to lose fat and to build just enough muscle in the right places, which means your exercise program should incorporate lifting weights and making it a priority.

Relaying on the scale to measure results

Muscle has only 35 percent of the mass of fat. If you were to build two pounds of muscle and build two pounds of fat, you’ll actually be smaller at the same body weight. Instead take pictures, measurements of your body and body fat percentage! And don’t forget to track your progress by setting performance related goals to see how stronger, faster and better you are getting each week.

Thinking that longer workouts are better and spending hours at the gym!

Instead it’s best to focus on the quality of your workouts. Intensity counts more than the duration of your workouts, as does the effectiveness of your workouts. Shorter and more intense workouts are more sustainable and easier to stick to given our busy schedules. Shorter workouts can also be key on helping you commit to a fitness regimen and see results. These kind of workouts are also proven to boost your metabolism and leave you energized all day long.


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