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7 Ways To Stay Motivated During Your Workouts

Update your playlist

Have a playlist with your favorite songs so that you can workout to them. They will keep you pumped while you get your sweat on and even help you push a bit harder!

Get a cute workout outfit

Yes, you are going to sweat so you might think what’s the point. But having a cute workout outfit that helps you feel good and cute init can help you feel like a rock star and keep you motivated to hit the gym.

Set a performance related goal with each workout

Setting goals for your workouts makes the process more enjoyable; it can be anything from beating the previous number of push ups you did, to lifting heavier weights, to running a longer distance or completing the same workout in less time, to name a few . When you work towards a more positive goal like improving your fitness performance you’ll accomplish more during your workouts. In turn, the workouts become more effective and every time you meet these goals you’ll feel empowered, accomplished, strong and good about yourself!

Plan ahead and track your workouts

Planning ahead and setting a specific time to work on your fitness helps you stay committed and removes any stress that may occur when not planning ahead. For some people having to take the time to exercise can be a stress or, but setting the most convenient time you can stick to helps eliminate this stress. Write down your workout beforehand. Having your workouts ready and knowing what you will do will help you stay focused and not waste time in the gym!

Add variety

Instead of doing the same workouts over and over, it’s good to switch it up and add variety. Experimenting with different forms of fitness (Yoga, Running, Lifting, Pilates, Cycling, HIIT Workouts to name a few) and even incorporating different equipment while doing similar workouts like Bands, Kettle bells, or Medicine Balls will keep you out of the same routine and help you enjoy the workouts.  Experimenting with other forms of fitness is not only fun but can help you figure out what you enjoy the most.

Use fitness as a tool to enhance your lifestyle

Use fitness as a stress relief, an energy booster, and as a way to feel stronger in your every day life. When you know that exercise is a great tool to living a more healthy and productive life and not merely as a way to burn the bagel you ate,or fit on your skinny pants, you’ll be more likely to stick with it and enjoy all the benefits.

Have a workout partner

Having someone with similar goals who can go to the gym or do any other activity with you as backup when you don’t feel up to sweating solo makes it more fun. You get to socialize, hold each other accountable and motivate one another during that time.


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